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Signature Verification 2.0.3

Sicherheitspatches WCAG2.0 Compliance Fehlerbehebung für bestimmte PDFs Update von MOA-SPSS ASIC-S und -E Support more


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Signature Verification Portal 2.0.1

Signature Verification Portal v2.0.1     Changes: Support for XAdES, CAdES, PAdES and ASiC Signatures WAI conform  Updated SOAP interface Library updates Improv... more


signature-verification 1.8.1

Signature Verification Portal v1.8.1     Changes: Library updates Improved PDF signature verification more


signature-verification 1.8.0

Signature Verification Portal v1.8.0     Changes: Library updates Improved PDF signature verification Added support for detached signatures more



signature-verification 1.7.0 1.7.0

Signature Verification Portal v1.7.0   Installation Overview:   The archive provides a sample configuration, covering most of the trusted certificates of AT, BE, EE, ES, FI, IS, IT,... more