About StatDCAT Application Profile for data portals in Europe

StatDCAT-AP delivers specifications and tools that enhance interoperability between descriptions of statistical data sets within the statistical domain and between statistical data and open data portals.

The StatDCAT specification is an extension of the DCAT Application Profile for Data Portals in Europe (DCAT-AP).

1. What are the benefits of using StatDCAT-AP?

StatDCAT-AP provides a dissemination vocabulary for statistical open data, defining a number of additions to the DCAT-AP model that can be used to describe statistical datasets. It facilitates a better integration of existing data repositories with Open Data Portals, improving the discoverability of statistical datasets.

2. Who initiated this work?

The StatDCAT Application profile has been developed by the StatDCAT-AP Working Group that was formed in 2015 through a joint initiative of:

  • Eurostat;
  • the Directorate-General for Informatics: DG DIGIT - in particular the SEMIC action of the ISA² programme;
  • the Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content & Technology: DG CONNECT; and
  • ISA representatives.

The Working Group was co-chaired by Eurostat and the Publications Office of the EU and comprised members from EU institutions, Member States and standards experts.

3. How is StatDCAT-AP maintained?

The StatDCAT Application profile is maintained based on the Change and Release Management Policy for DCAT-AP.

All changes in the specification are communicated to and discussed with the stakeholders (ISA² Committee, ISA² Programme Management Team, the Operational Team and the StatDCAT-AP Working Group) to make sure that changes do not negatively impact the operation of implementations and the interoperability across the network of data portals.

4. StatDCAT-AP key milestones

  • In February 2016, the ISA Programme of the European Commission started working on a StatDCAT-AP extension.
  • In December 2016, the StatDCAT-AP version 1.0 was released.

5. StatDCAT-AP at a glance

StatDCAT-AP poster

6. Get started

Download StatDCAT-AP latest and previous releases.

Discover the technical documentation of StatDCAT-AP on Joinup.

The Change and Release Management Policy for DCAT-AP is available here.

Read the paper on StatDCAT-AP – A Common Layer for the Exchange of Statistical Metadata in Open Data Portals.

7. Get involved!

Do you want to participate in the work of our StatDCAT-AP Working Group? Share your comments and change requests via the GitHub StatDCAT-AP repository.

8. StatDCAT-AP users

StatDCAT-AP has been successfully implemented by :

LinkedPipes Team with LinkedPipes ETL

9. Any questions? 

Contact the SEMIC team.

10. About SEMIC

Visit the SEMIC collection on Joinup or check out SEMIC page on the ISA² website.


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