VocBench3 6.0

Latest release
2 months ago

VocBench 3 v6.0 includes the following features:

  • an extension point for accessing dataset repositories and registries, for searching datasets of interest, and for importing them;
  • specific connectors to repositories and registries for the provisioning of datasets;
  • advanced concept management;
  • support for the assignment of properties to multiple resources;
  • support for the assignment of multiple values when enriching a property;
  • support for bulk editing and bulk deleting;
  • improved visualisation of graphs and resources;
  • new implemented features, exploration modes, filters and operations on nodes in the graph visualisation;
  • improved Sheet2RDF editing with a more powerful wizard;
  • updated alphabetic index of the lexical entry list when a new ‘LexicalEntry’ is created;
  • new ‘blacklisting’ feature for projects with enabled ‘validation’, which adds all terms proposed in a rejected action to a blacklist pool;
  • improved user interface of metadata management;
  • improved alignment validation with the integration of Genoma;
  • updated registration form and description in the welcome page;
  • option to add a preference for a list of languages to be shown on the resource description;
  • improved options in the ‘Resource view’ by enabling or disabling the ‘add’ and ‘delete’ operations and asserting all inferred statements of a described resource