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trends of opinion

Created by Christoph Enzinger | 20 March 2013 | Kudos 10
Domains: Political Institution, State, Electoral system, public opinion, public safety, trends of opinion, Executive Power and Public Service, administrative law, public administration, institutional structure, computer systems, data processing, implementation of the budget, Information and Information Processing, Information Technology and Data Processing, organisation | Languages:
Created by Benjamin Stewart | 08 February 2016 | Kudos 100
Domains: Education, Science and Research, Legislative Procedure, Parliamentary Procedure, politics, public opinion, trends of opinion, regional and local authorities, International Relations, International Affairs, international affairs, Cooperation Policy, aid policy, cooperation policy, Education, education, Education and Communications, education policy, educational institution, general education, level of education, Organisation of Teaching, organisation of teaching, research, Research and Intellectual Property, research policy, school life, schoolwork, Teaching, teaching, teaching materials, teaching method, vocational education | Languages: