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legal system

Created by Falconiere Rodrigues | 25 January 2013 | Kudos 0
Domains: Politics, Political Framework, Political Ideology, Political Institution, Political Philosophy, Political System, Political Party, Electoral Procedure and Voting, Parliament, Parliamentary Proceedings, Politics and Public Safety, International Relations, International Affairs, Cooperation Policy, International Balance, Defence, European Communities, Community Institutions and European Civil Service, European Union Law, European Construction, Community Finance, Law, Sources and Branches of the Law, Civil Law, civil law, ownership, Criminal Law, criminal law, criminal liability, law relating to prisons, offence, Justice, access to the courts, judicial proceedings, legal action, Organisation of the legal System, legal profession, legal system, International Law, international economic law, Rights and Freedoms, Economics, America, Business and Competition, Caribbean Islands, Eastern Europe, Education and Communications, Employment and Working Conditions, Europe, Europe, Finance, Geography, Industry, International Organisations, Latin America, Northern Europe, Science, Social Questions, Southern Europe, Trade, UN programmes and funds, UN research and training institutes, UN specialised agency, United Nations, UNO, Western Europe | Languages:
<a href="/people/20235">Nuno Brito</a>
Created by Nuno Brito | 27 March 2014 | Kudos 124
Domains: legal system, economic rights, rights of the individual, intellectual property, research, Research and Intellectual Property, technical regulations, technology, Technology and Technical Regulations | Languages:
TripleCheck announced today the public availability of a new SPDX editor/viewer.   SPDX is an open format that permits software companies to describe the open source licenses that are found inside their software....
<a href="/people/22661">Brecht Wyns</a>
Created by Brecht Wyns | 14 May 2014 | Kudos 772
Domains: European Communities, Law, legal system, Information and Information Processing, Information Technology and Data Processing, intellectual property | Languages:
The Interoperability Solutions for Public Administrations (ISA) programme of the European Commission has launched a survey on licensing practices for data. The purpose of this survey is to identify the licensing needs...
<a href="/people/13455">Stijn Goedertier</a>
Created by Stijn Goedertier | 30 May 2014 | Kudos 4,904
Domains: legal system, Communications, Health, information processing, Social Security, Transport Policy, Transport Regulations | Languages:
This report presents the result of a study of twelve existing families of structured e-Document formats used for exchanging
<a href="/people/55111">Iva Walterova</a>
Created by Iva Walterova | 11 December 2014 | Kudos 510
Domains: Crime, Justice and Law, Education, Science and Research, eIdentity and eSecurity, Legal Aspects, Open Source, Policy, legal system, International Law, Rights and Freedoms, European organisation, world organisation | Languages: English
MAPPING aims at creating an all-round and “joined-up” understanding of the many and varied economic, social, legal and ethical aspects of the recent developments on the Internet, and their consequences for...
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Created by Véronique Parisse | 11 May 2017 | Kudos 210
Domains: eParticipation, eDemocracy and eVoting, Multi-channel Delivery, Organisation of the legal System, legal system, data-processing law | Languages: