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anti-discriminatory measure

Created by Paulo Silva | 12 May 2013 | Kudos 0
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Created by Gheorghe Zugravu | 03 June 2013 | Kudos 0
Domains: Rights and Freedoms, anti-discriminatory measure, citizen's duties, economic rights, human rights, political rights, rights of the individual, social rights | Languages:
<a href="/people/13455">Stijn Goedertier</a>
Created by Stijn Goedertier | 14 June 2013 | Kudos 4,904
Domains: Parliament, Legislative Procedure, International Law, anti-discriminatory measure, economic rights | Languages:
Yesterday, 13 June 2013, the European Parliament formally adopted the updated EU rules on the re-use of public sector information.  
Created by Joinup Editor | 12 December 2016 | Kudos 10,442
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Supervizor is an online visualization ( of institutions' invoices.