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Social Security

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Created by Roland Alton-Scheidl | 03 April 2010 | Kudos 34
Domains: Communications, company structure, culture, Information Technology and Data Processing, monetary policy, social life, social policy, social sciences, Social Security, Social Structure | Languages:
Created by Waldir Pimenta | 03 April 2013 | Kudos 10
Domains: Political Framework, Political Ideology, Political Institution, Political Philosophy, Political Power, Political System, State, Air and Space Transport, Air Transport, applied sciences, Land Transport, Land Transport, Leave on Social Grounds, leisure, physical sciences, Social Affairs, social life, social policy, social problem, Social Protection, Social Security, space science, Space Transport, Welfare | Languages:
Created by Francesco Merlo | 28 June 2013 | Kudos 0
Domains: composition of the population, demography, Demography and Population, Migration, migration, Social Affairs, Social Analysis, Social Framework, social life, social policy, social problem, Social Protection, Social Security, Social Situation, Social Structure, Sociocultural Group, Welfare | Languages:
Created by Dwayne Meertins | 25 September 2013 | Kudos 0
Domains: International Relations, administrative personnel, applied sciences, behavioural sciences, branch of activity, budget policy, business activity, Business and Competition, Business Organisation, business policy, company law, company structure, competition law, competition policy, economic concentration, Employment and Working Conditions, Energy, Europe, farm prices, financial management, financial market, fiscal policy, Former Socialist Countries, Free Movement of Capital, free movement of capital, Geography, Health, health policy, internal migration, Labour Law and Labour Relations, management, management techniques, market prices, materials technology, organisation, Political Geography, population dynamics, price fluctuation, Prices, prices, prices policy, public debt, public finance, Regions of EU Member States, research, research policy, restriction on competition, restrictive trade practice, size of business, Social Analysis, Social Security, tax on consumption, tax system, type of business, Welfare | Languages:
Created by Daniel Sandman | 22 October 2013 | Kudos 28
Domains: Politics, Political System, computer system, computer systems, data processing, data-processing law, Employment, Employment and Working Conditions, EU Member State, Family, family law, information technology industry, internal migration, labour relations, Migration, migration, Regions of Sweden, Science, social problem, Social Protection, Social Security, tax, tax on capital, tax on consumption, tax on income, tax system, Taxation, Teaching, technical regulations, technology, Technology and Technical Regulations, Welfare | Languages:
Created by Kosta Jelcic | 29 March 2014 | Kudos 0
Domains: African organisation, American organisation, applied sciences, Arab organisation, artificial reproduction, arts, Asian organisation, behavioural sciences, climate, composition of the population, culture, Culture and Religion, degradation of the environment, demography, Demography and Population, Deterioration of the Environment, earth sciences, Environmental Policy, environmental policy, environmental protection, Europe, European Organisations, Extra-European Organisations, Family, family, family law, family planning, geographical distribution of the population, geophysical environment, Health, health care profession, health policy, Humanities, illness, International Organisations, Latin American organisation, Leave on Social Grounds, life sciences, marital status, medical science, Natural and Applied Sciences, Natural Environment, natural resources, non-governmental organisation, Non-Governmental Organisations, nutrition, pharmaceutical industry, physical environment, physical sciences, pollution, pollution control measures, population dynamics, religion, Science, Social Affairs, Social Analysis, Social Framework, social life, social policy, social problem, Social Protection, Social Questions, social sciences, Social Security, Social Situation, Social Structure, Sociocultural Group, UN programmes and funds, UN research and training institutes, UN specialised agency, United Nations, UNO, waste, waste management, water management, Welfare, wildlife, world organisation, World Organisations | Languages:
Created by Ricardo António Mano De Jesus | 22 August 2014 | Kudos 100
Domains: International Relations, European Communities, Law, Agri-Foodstuffs, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, artificial reproduction, arts, composition of the population, Consumer, cultural policy, culture, Culture and Religion, demography, Demography and Population, Education and Communications, Energy, Environment, family, family law, family planning, geographical distribution of the population, Geography, health policy, illness, internal migration, Land Transport, Maritime Transport, Marketing, Means of Transport, medical science, Migration, migration, Mode of Transport, nutrition, pharmaceutical industry, population dynamics, Ports Policy, religion, Social Affairs, Social Analysis, Social Framework, Social Security, Social Situation, Social Structure, Sociocultural Group, Space Transport | Languages:
<a href="/people/13455">Stijn Goedertier</a>
Created by Stijn Goedertier | 30 May 2014 | Kudos 4,904
Domains: legal system, Communications, Health, information processing, Social Security, Transport Policy, Transport Regulations | Languages:
This report presents the result of a study of twelve existing families of structured e-Document formats used for exchanging
Created by Epractice Editorial Team | 17 November 2011 | Kudos 17,624
Domains: eGovernment, High Impact Services with Pan-European Scope, Services for Citizens, User-centric Services, Social Security | Languages:
Coming2Belgium is a newly available eGovernment service intended to help anyone moving to Belgium in order reside, work or study to find their way around the Belgian social insurance system based on their individual...
Created by Eva Suba | 09 March 2015 | Kudos 310
Domains: Continuity of care, eHealth, eInclusion, eServices for Citizens, Homecare & Telecare Services, ICT and lifestyle management, Social Services, demography, education policy, Family, health care profession, social problem, Social Security, teaching method | Languages:
Smart Homecare: Investing in skills and service delivery