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medical science

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Domains: Health, health policy, medical science | Languages:
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Domains: health policy, medical science | Languages:
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Domains: advanced materials, Agri-Foodstuffs, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, behavioural sciences, Budget, Chemistry, Consumption, Deterioration of the Environment, earth sciences, Education, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Energy, Environmental Policy, Europe, family law, Free Movement of Capital, health policy, illness, industrial policy, Information Technology and Data Processing, materials technology, medical science, metallurgical industry, Natural Environment, non-governmental organisation, physical sciences, Research and Intellectual Property, space science, Space Transport, Taxation, technology | Languages:
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Domains: behavioural sciences, Health, health care profession, health policy, Humanities, illness, medical science, nutrition, Science, social sciences | Languages:
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Created by Mads Hjorth | 01 August 2013 | Kudos 200
Domains: Continuity of care, Decision support systems, e-referral, eGovernment, Electronic health records, ePrescribing, eServices for Business, eServices for Citizens, Health portals, Homecare & Telecare Services, ICT and lifestyle management, ICT for disease prevention and health promotion, ICT for patient safety, Patient summary, Personal Health Systems, Regional/national Health Information Networks, Telemedicine services, health care profession, life sciences, medical science | Languages:
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Created by Sebastien Jodogne | 16 August 2013 | Kudos 140
Domains: applied sciences, biotechnology, computer system, computer systems, data processing, health care profession, illness, information technology industry, life sciences, medical science, research | Languages:
Orthanc is a lightweight, standalone, scriptable DICOM store. It is designed to smooth clinical processes, to ease the data management of medical images, and to bring the DICOM standard closer to the Computer Vision...
Created by Benoit Baurens | 08 November 2013 | Kudos 52
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