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general education

Created by George Chalatzoglidis | 17 January 2013 | Kudos 0
Domains: education, education policy, educational institution, Environmental Policy, general education, level of education, Natural and Applied Sciences, Natural Environment, teaching, teaching method, vocational education | Languages:
Created by Dirk Baekelmans | 13 May 2013 | Kudos 0
Domains: building services, business activity, company structure, computer systems, data processing, employment structure, general education, information processing, information technology industry, management, management techniques, organisation of teaching, organisation of work, remuneration of work, teaching, teaching method, unemployment | Languages:
Created by Marion Lammarsch | 19 August 2013 | Kudos 10
Domains: computer systems, educational institution, general education, Humanities, research, Science, teaching materials | Languages:
Created by Victor Zuydweg | 01 October 2013 | Kudos 0
Domains: general education | Languages:
Created by Benjamin Stewart | 08 February 2016 | Kudos 100
Domains: Education, Science and Research, Legislative Procedure, Parliamentary Procedure, politics, public opinion, trends of opinion, regional and local authorities, International Relations, International Affairs, international affairs, Cooperation Policy, aid policy, cooperation policy, Education, education, Education and Communications, education policy, educational institution, general education, level of education, Organisation of Teaching, organisation of teaching, research, Research and Intellectual Property, research policy, school life, schoolwork, Teaching, teaching, teaching materials, teaching method, vocational education | Languages:
Created by Cristina Class | 20 May 2016 | Kudos 544
Domains: Culture and Media, Education, Science and Research, eServices for Citizens, education, educational institution, general education, teaching, teaching method | Languages:
Created by Vassiliki Zalavra | 20 July 2017 | Kudos 900
Domains: User centric services, Education and Communications, general education, information technology industry, teaching method, vocational education | Languages:
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