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organisation of work

Created by Alfredo Mira | 04 March 2013 | Kudos 0
Domains: cultivation techniques, organisation of work, Organisation of Work and Working Conditions, production | Languages:
Created by Dirk Baekelmans | 13 May 2013 | Kudos 0
Domains: building services, business activity, company structure, computer systems, data processing, employment structure, general education, information processing, information technology industry, management, management techniques, organisation of teaching, organisation of work, remuneration of work, teaching, teaching method, unemployment | Languages:
Created by Laura Thiers | 18 September 2013 | Kudos 10
Domains: financial management, intellectual property, labour market, management, management techniques, organisation of work, Production, Technology and Research, research | Languages:
Created by Derrick Pisani | 25 February 2014 | Kudos 38
Domains: Community Institutions and European Civil Service, citizen's duties, rights of the individual, social rights, business policy, Communications, communications policy, company structure, Documentation, information policy, management, management techniques, organisation of work, work | Languages:
This is a presentation delivered during the ICT2013 Conference organised by DG Informatics of the European Commission.