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labour relations

Created by Aldo Luperini | 14 February 2013 | Kudos 0
Domains: Employment and Working Conditions, labour relations, Production, Technology and Research, research, Research and Intellectual Property | Languages:
Created by Daniel Sandman | 22 October 2013 | Kudos 28
Domains: Politics, Political System, computer system, computer systems, data processing, data-processing law, Employment, Employment and Working Conditions, EU Member State, Family, family law, information technology industry, internal migration, labour relations, Migration, migration, Regions of Sweden, Science, social problem, Social Protection, Social Security, tax, tax on capital, tax on consumption, tax on income, tax system, Taxation, Teaching, technical regulations, technology, Technology and Technical Regulations, Welfare | Languages:
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Created by Facilium Interim | 03 August 2016 | Kudos 120
Domains: Employment, Employment and Working Conditions, employment policy, employment structure, labour law, Labour Law and Labour Relations, Labour Market, labour relations, organisation of professions, Organisation of Work and Working Conditions, Personnel Management and Staff Remuneration, termination of employment, unemployment, vocational training | Languages: