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fisheries policy

Created by Fernando Sérgio Bryton Dias Marques | 10 June 2013 | Kudos 40
Domains: fisheries policy, Maritime and Inland Waterway Transport | Languages:
Data Formats and Semantics required by each information service identified in WP2 of the CISE Cooperation Project held by DG-MARE in 2013.
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Created by Codina Ramon | 14 November 2014 | Kudos 254
Domains: public safety, international affairs, enlargement of the Union, EU relations, Accounting, aquaculture, business activity, Business Classification, business policy, climate, company structure, Construction and Town Planning, Demography and Population, Distributive Trades, economic concentration, Education and Communications, Energy, Energy Policy, Environment, Environmental Policy, European Organisations, Finance, Fisheries, fisheries policy, fisheries structure, fishery resources, Geography, geophysical environment, Health, Industry, International Trade, Management, Maritime and Inland Waterway Transport, Marketing, Natural Environment, natural resources, Oil Industry, Organisation of Transport, Organisation of Work and Working Conditions, physical environment, Production, Technology and Research, Science, Social Protection, Teaching, teaching, Trade Policy, Transport Policy, United Nations, vocational education, vocational training, wildlife, World Organisations | Languages: