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Northern Europe

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Created by Andre Torkveen | 14 November 2012 | Kudos 400
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Created by Falconiere Rodrigues | 25 January 2013 | Kudos 0
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Created by István Szilvássy | 15 March 2013 | Kudos 0
Domains: Central and Eastern European Countries, Construction and Town Planning, Culture and Religion, Eastern Europe, Economic Geography, EU Member State, Europe, Europe, European organisation, European Organisations, Financing and Investment, Former Socialist Countries, geographical distribution of the population, Geography, Inland Waterway Transport, Mode of Transport, non-governmental organisation, Non-Governmental Organisations, Northern Europe, Organisation of Transport, Political Geography, population dynamics, Regions of EU Member States, Social Questions, Southern Europe, UN programmes and funds, United Nations, Visegrad Countries, water management, Western Balkans, Western Europe | Languages:
Created by Jens Lüdtke | 13 May 2013 | Kudos 0
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Created by Gianni Bassini | 29 August 2013 | Kudos 10
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Created by Annelies Van Alphen | 07 September 2013 | Kudos 0
Domains: Europe, Geography, Northern Europe, Regions and Communities of Belgium, Regions of EU Member States | Languages:
Created by Peter Höglund | 01 November 2013 | Kudos 0
Domains: communications systems, Information and Information Processing, Information Technology and Data Processing, Northern Europe | Languages:
Created by Thomas Crepin | 15 July 2014 | Kudos 100
Domains: Geography, Northern Europe | Languages:
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Created by Derek Earnshaw | 16 September 2013 | Kudos 320
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