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Created by Djebar Hammouche | 10 March 2009 | Kudos 184
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<a href="/people/12663">Madeleine Kiss</a>
Created by Madeleine Kiss | 14 January 2009 | Kudos 60
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Created by Eu Login | 07 November 2012 | Kudos 1,480
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<a href="/people/16798">Luiz Olavo Bonino Da Silva Santos</a>
Created by Luiz Olavo Bonino Da Silva Santos | 08 November 2012 | Kudos 120
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Created by Adi Schuetz | 01 January 2013 | Kudos 622
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<a href="/people/13455">Stijn Goedertier</a>
Created by Phil Archer | 04 January 2013 | Kudos 660
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An early draft of the sp ec for the vocabulary is available at but I've copied the revised conceptual model and its brief description below. It is based on the discussions held during the first two telecons and...
Created by Selvakumar Ramachandran | 04 January 2013 | Kudos 10
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Created by Cap Etan | 06 January 2013 | Kudos 0
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<a href="/people/17179">Zoi Konstantinou</a>
Created by Zoi Konstantinou | 07 January 2013 | Kudos 3,502
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  DG CONNECT, European Commission in collaboration with are hosting an event on Collaborative Production of eGovernment Services. This event is aiming to produce input for EU and Member ...
Created by Hrzns Bgr | 08 January 2013 | Kudos 0
Domains: Employment, employment policy, employment structure, termination of employment, vocational training | Languages: