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In Berlin on 28 January 2014, the German Deputy Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media, Günter Winands, launched Europeana 1914-1918, an online resource that opens up hidden stories of the First World War...
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eAccess+ is a new networking project, partially funded under the ICT Policy Support Programme (ICT PSP) as part of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme by the European Community 7th FP. It addresses...
Created by Margit Dã¼Hring | 13 June 2007 | Kudos 490
Domains: (public) e-services for disadvantaged people, eAccessibility, eInclusion, Other | Languages: Danish
The Danish National Library for The Blind (DBB) provides a digital library service for the visually impaired and dyslexic in the form of eBooks, digital talking books (DTB) and Braille materials. The process from when...