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Created by Martin Herzog | 19 May 2010 | Kudos 0
Domains: Communications | Languages:
Created by David Webber | 07 December 2012 | Kudos 10
Domains: Justice, Economics, Communications, Health, Research and Intellectual Property, Social Questions | Languages:
Just to let everyone know that we are adding the open source CAM Editor XML project ( to the software resources repository. For more information visit the project website. Also we have a range...
<a href="/people/11870">Doug Hill</a>
Created by Douglas Walker Hill | 29 April 2014 | Kudos 750
Domains: Building and Public Works, Chemistry, Consumption, Distributive Trades, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Industrial Structures and Policy, Industry, International Organisations, International Trade, Iron, Steel and Other Metal Industries, Leather and Textile Industries, Mechanical Engineering, Miscellaneous Industries, Trade, Trade, Transport, Wood Industry | Languages:
A simple tool that will check if the GS1 XML file is a valid and well-formed message against the GS1 schema The validator will also check a message with or without SBDH (standard business document header).  ...