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October 2014

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'Open and Libre Office projects should reunite' French ministries prove free software is viable
The software developers working on Apache OpenOffice and LibreOffice - two closely related suites of open source office productivity tools - should overcome their schism and unite to compete with the ubiquitous proprietary alternative, urges Daniel Brunner, head of the IT department of Switzerland's Federal Supreme Court. Free and open source software solutions are suitable for use in public administrations, the extensive use by French ministries proves. The LibreOffice suite of office productivity tools is now installed on more than 500,000 desktops across the ministries.
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Gummersbach completes switch to open source [Germany]
Tyrol government shares test tool with industry [Italy]
Hamburg Greens call for a switch to open source [Germany]
Genoa gradually switching to open source tools [Italy]
Udine city struggles to remove IT vendor lock-in [Italy]
England's Healthwatch switches to open source CRM [United Kingdom]
Spanish anti tax fraud unit renews Linux contract [Spain]
Towns in Umbria region switch to LibreOffice [Italy]
Open source solution for online surveys and conference registrations [Europe]
City of Turin to move to open source desktops [Italy]
French ministries prove free software is viable [France]
EC Commissioner Kroes supports ODF campaign [Europe]
Austrian gov computing centre lauds OpenOffice [Austria]
Greens urge Saxony to consider open source use [Switzerland]

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Complex singularity versus openness London split over open platforms
Open source impeded by incompatibilities and inconsistencies in the Office Open XML document format Open source software was ostensibly a primary means for the Greater London Authority (GLA) to achieve its goals.
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Offenen IT-Gipfel OpenFest 2014
Hamburg's Alliance '90/The Greens (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen) are organising a conference on 21 October, to discuss the opportunities of open source software for businesses, society and public administration. OpenFest is annual conference, dedicated to the free software, free culture and free knowledge sharing – gala days of fans, creators, supporters of the open source software in Bulgaria.
21 October, Hamburg, Germany 1 - 2 November, Sofia, Bulgaria
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PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2014 21 - 24 October, Madrid, Spain
Open World Forum 30 October - 01 November, Paris, France
Capitole du Libre 2014 15 - 16 November, Toulouse, France
Apachecon Europe 2014 17 - 21 November, Budapest, Hungary

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PDF-AS asistente-dnie
PDF-AS allows the use of electronic signatures on PDF documents asistente-dnie is a desktop application that installs all the components required for any citizen to use the electronic ID in your PC with your reader, operating system,
Digital Signature Service EuSurvey
Cross-border eSignature creation and validation made easier A web-based application covering all steps of a survey life cycle, from the design to the launch of the survey to the analysis and publication of results.

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