Stable Draft of BRegDCAT-AP v1.00

Specification of Registry of Registries Version 1.00

Published on: 23/11/2019
Last update: 24/06/2020

The ABR Team is pleased to announce the release of the Specification of Registry of Registries as a stable draft (version 1.00).

This document has been produced by the ABR Working group (WG), including nominated members from ISA2 Committee, who collected use cases, requirements, provided feedback and discussed the issues and solutions during the evolution of the specification from March to October 2019.

More than 50 organisations and individuals from 21 Member States shaped this first stable model and vocabulary.

This document was also updated after the release of the major release of DCAT-AP , and it is aligned with feedback from from CPSV-AP, SDG, and other EU initiatives.

It includes the proposed solutions to the open issues discussed on the Joinup space and during four ABR WG meetings.

What's Next?

It's planned to test the specification in-depth with real implementations, collecting use cases and implementing proofs of concepts to verify the model and the vocabulary.

Once the major releases of DCAT and DCAT-AP are confirmed as standards, the BRegDCAT-AP needs to be aligned to them, also with the rest of the ISA's Core Vocabularies. As mentioned in the latest meeting, some other vocabularies (i.e., SDMX or VoID) could be used to describe datasets in detail, in the case the current specification does not cover all the requirements.

ABR Team is welcoming you to join our discussions and send us your comments and suggestions for the next iterations of the specification.

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