Federation of solutions

Your one-stop shop for interoperability solutions

One of Joinup’s key objectives is to become the place to go when looking for interoperability solutions. By federating solutions with Joinup, external repositories instantly expand their user-base and expose their interoperability solutions to like-minded parties in need of them.

Federation graph
Federation with Joinup exposes your interoperability solutions to a wide range of entities.

Why federate with Joinup?

Here are just a few of the benefits you, too, can gain by federating with us:

  • Joinup is the European Commission's official repository for interoperability solutions, thus you become part of a credible and trustworthy platform;
  • Showcase your interoperability innovations to the thousands of Joinup users from various European Public Administrations and Standardisation Bodies, businesses and academia;
  • Have your interoperability solutions appear in the top result pages of major search engines, thanks to Joinup's vast SEO-friendly underlying page-depth structure;
  • Contribute to Joinup's vision of open standards and free open source software in the public sector.

What others are saying

CTT logoElena Munoz

"Federation with Joinup was the best way to increase visibility of our solutions."

--Elena Muñoz, Head of Telematics Systems Area within the General Secretariat of Digital Administration at the Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Function, and tech lead of Spain’s Technology Transfer Centre (CTT)

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Ajuntament logoFrancesca Bria

“Joinup, the ideal dissemination platform for our open source solutions.”

--Francesca Bria, former Chief Technology and Digital Innovation Officer​ of Barcelona City Council

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NIO logoDanica Saponja

“We think Joinup allows us to give additional exposure to the solutions developed in Slovenia and to raise interest among other Member States […]”

--Danica Saponja, Editor-in-Chief of the NIO portal in Slovenia

Info iconRead Danica's full Joinup interview here.

Harvesting of external catalogues

Joinup aims to build a complete catalogue of interoperability solutions. However, other catalogues of solutions exist outside of Joinup, for instance at the Member State level, or at international Standardisation Bodies. In order to bring all those catalogues together in one portal, Joinup can harvest them and offer a central entry point to a vast collection of interoperability solutions.

Harvesting in 3 simple steps

ADMS-AP haresting process

1. Getting the data

On a regular basis, the descriptions of interoperability solutions are gathered; either by manually uploading them, or by having Joinup fetch them from a well known location.

2. Validation

Before adding the solutions to the Joinup catalogue, the descriptions of the solutions are validated. If these descriptions follow the specifications of ADMS-AP, the information gets stored in the Joinup repository.

3. Publication of solutions

The solutions of the Joinup catalogue are available on both the Joinup website, as well as through the Joinup API.

Getting down to the technical details

If we have piqued your Interest in federating with Joinup, then you surely would like to learn about the inner workings of the federation/harvesting process. Have a look at our concise Technical steps guide and get in touch with us for further assistance and directions!