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Gateway for Online Payments (pagos)

Published on: 14/04/2009 Document Archived

Extension of the Agencia Estatal de Administración Tributaria (AEAT - Spanish Tax Agency) remote payment gateway.

The project takes the basic service developed by the AEAT and helps to implement it in the administrative bodies by means of technical support and training.

Description of target users and groups

- Administrative bodies willing to implement Internet payment for the fees that they manage.

- Final users that have to pay fees for a variety of reasons.

Description of the way to implement the initiative

The Spanish Tax Agency offered since 2004 an online payment system that was centered on the final user. For the applications that wanted to implement this system, it was difficult to keep track of the process, so a different approach was taken.

The present system is based on a set of web services that can be accessed from the front end application so that control is always kept on the provider side.

Deliverables of the project include web services specifications and implementation, a control and statistics utility and an application that can be offered to final users ("My payments").


Technology solution

Always based on web services, the project offers a variety of implementations. The technology is adapted to the interested body base software on a case by case adaptation.

Technology choice: Standards-based technology

Main results, benefits and impacts

The administrative bodies can offer remote payment services fulfilling in this way the obligations of the Law 11/2007.

The final users can pay via Internet, not depending on banks office location and opening times.

Track record of sharing

The project is opened to share the service specifications and implementation details with other administrative bodies in Spain or across Europe that might be interested in.

Lessons learnt

- Some people and companies find it convenient to pay public fees via Internet instead of going to the bank. For instance someone willing to apply for a public job (that includes a payment) don't have to leave his or her job to go to the bank.

- Still some people are not ready to provide financial data on the Internet. The service works by providing a bank account or credit card number. Some people don't like it.

- Administrative bodies are willing to implement e-facilities when they are shown the way (training) and a product adapted to their platform is available (technical support).

Scope: National


Type of document
Open source case study