Pilot : Tailoring the public service description editor to the Dutch national data model (Samenwerkende Catalogi)

Published on: 07/01/2021
Last update: 28/06/2021

Technical documentation about this pilot activity can be found on the dedicated GitHub repository. 


The Netherlands wanted to have a simple way of creating public service descriptions that follow the Samenwerkende Catalogi, the Dutch national data model for describing and exchanging public services. The goal was to develop an application that was user-friendly and could be used by the different municipalities and government organisations in the Netherlands for creating public service descriptions. These descriptions would be collected by the ICTU and stored in one place.


Functional description

By adapting the CPSV-AP Public Service Description Editor to the Samenwerkende Catalogi format we provided the solution that the Netherlands were looking for. The new Public Service description editor enables user to create descriptions following the Dutch data model, save these and edit them later in an user-friendly way. Further improvements in the user experience for Dutch users was provided by the translation of the labels and instructions to Dutch 

The adapted editor will provide all the functionality of the original CPSV-AP Public Service Description Editor like creating, editing and exporting descriptions. The export will be able in the CPSV-AP format as well as the Samenwerkende Catalogi XML format.



The result of the pilot was a user-friendly webform that can be used by the Dutch public administrations to create and edit public service descriptions. Furthermore the descriptions can be easily stored and extracted in the Samenwerkende Catalogi format.


Technical description

The technical architecture of the Samenwerkende Catalogi Public Service Description Editor is identical to the CPSV-AP Public Service Description Editor. The changes made were primarily to the labels and fields (removing, editing and adding fields to accommodate the Samenwerkende Catalogi data model) and changes to the mapping of the RDF/XML tags. In addition, a new module for exporting the descriptions in the Samenwerkende Catalogi XML was developed and implemented. A high-level view on the technical architecture of the editor can be seen below. 



For additional information, please visit the dedicated GitHub repository.


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