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Guide for opening CAMSS tools and assessments

Published on: 05/12/2017

As the new versions of the CAMSS tools and assessments are released in .ods format, and the most recommended software to open this format is LibreOffice, the following is a guide with simple steps to perform in order to open them:

Step 1: Download the latest stable version of LibreOffice in the link below



Step 2: Install Libreoffice. The installation is very simple. 



Step 3: Open the CAMSS tools.


The execution of macros is disabled by default on LibreOffice. Due to the use of macros in the latest versions of CAMSS. A disclaimer in the first page of the tools indicates how to use the tools correctly with the Macros:


Execution of macros is disabled due to the current macro security setting.
Please modify your macro security setting to “Medium” in Tools - Options - LibreOffice – Security and Restart the tools


Step 4: Set the security setting to "Medium"




Step 5: Restart the tools.


LibreOffice is now installed correctly and has the required configuration to use the CAMSS tools.