Help improving the CAMSS comm…

Help improving the CAMSS community

Published on: 07/11/2014

We are working on some changes in order to improve our community.

The main improvement which we are about to release is a new tool for carrying out the assessment scenarios online. However, and with the purpose of improving the user experience, we would appreciate if you could give us your opinion or advice regarding the scenarios.

·        Which phase do you consider is the most difficult to fill? Why?

·        Which problems did you have while filling the assessments?

·        Would you like to have available e.g. a guide explaining how to fill the assessments?

·        What could be foreseen to improve the results obtained?

·        Is there anything you would like to propose as an improvement?

The topics above have been posted here as a guide, but feel free to address any topic you think might be interesting.

For example, one of the improvements we are planning to implement is the possibility of commenting right under the assessment. This way, we expect to increase the communication among users and the number of users helping each other.

You can post your remarks and comments here or you can send them directly to:

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

City/Location: Brussels