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EIF Perspective attributes of CAMSS-as-a-Service (CAMSSaaS)

General information

Name of the solution: CAMSS-as-a-Service (CAMSSaaS)

Solution's owner: European Commission (DG informatics) - ISA² Programme


CAMSS-as-a-Service, provides a service which aim is the assessment of standards and specifications on demand through the use of CAMSS Tools. The author of the assessments is the CAMSS Team.

Type of solution: Assessment tools
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The CAMSS-as-a-Service (CAMSSaaS) implements the following:

CAMSS-as-a-Service (CAMSSaaS) implements the following EIF recommendations as explained below:

  • Recommendation 1 | Subsidiarity and proportionality

    CAMSSaaS allows to assess the compliance of specifications with the EIF and thus, it supports public administrations to take decisions regarding ICT specification.

  • Recommendation 4 | Openness

    CAMSSaaS supports the assessment and selection  of open specifications and standards. 

  • Recommendation 19 | Assessment of effectiveness and efficiency

    CAMSSaaS ensures that public administrations can assess and select in a transparent and trusted manner the most relevant interoperability standards for their needs.

  • Recommendation 21 | Interoperability governance

    CAMSSaaS supports the assessment of existing specifications and their selection. 

  • Recommendation 22 | Interoperability governance

    CAMSSaaS provides a structured, transparent, objective and common approach to assessing and selecting standards and specifications.

  • Recommendation 23 | Interoperability governance

    Using a common assessment method for technical specifications, CAMSSaaS provides guidelines when selecting ICT standards.

  • Recommendation 27 | Legal interoperability

    CAMSSaaS can support policy makers to take decisions on the selection of standards and specifications when defining legislations and implementation acts.