Data Oriented Services


DORIS (DIGIT D1) is the current application and the subject of this study. There are two versions of DORIS, one maintained by DIGIT D1, the other maintained by DG CNECT R3. Unless explicitly mentioned, the term DORIS refers to DORIS DIGIT D1. DORIS was developed by DG CNECT and currently managed by DIGIT. During the analysis it became apparent that two parallel version of DORIS are maintained and offered as a service to the European Commission: DIGIT D1 version of DORIS and DG CNECT version of DORIS. It must also be noted that while the term DORIS is used to refer to the system that analysis OPC, ‘DORIS’ is in fact the name of the team that had developed the original system. Data Oriented Services (DORIS) team is part of DG CNECT R3, the original developers of the DORIS tool.