e-TrustEx: An open-source pla…

e-TrustEx: An open-source platform made available by the European Commission for Public Administrations in Europe to easily exchange digital information

Published on: 09/05/2012

For citizens to live across Europe and businesses to expand within the single market, Public Administrations in different Member States need to interact efficiently with one another. For this to happen, information should flow seamless across borders and across sectors.

Still today, the lack of interoperability between Public Administrations in Europe hinders the provision of digital public services across borders and across sectors. By working more closely together and in a digital way Public Administrations would significantly reduce administrative burden for business and citizens in Europe.

To join-up Public Administrations in Europe and accelerate the deployment of interoperable digital services at European level, the Commission makes available Open e-TrustEx. This is an open-source SOA platform with a set of generic services which ensure the secure exchange of digital documents, from system to system, via standardised interfaces.

Its extensibility combined with the open source approach will enable the creation of an eco-system of reusable modules and applications on top of e-TrustEx. For exampIe, Open e-PRIOR, its first module, offers e-Procurement business services to enable the exchange of procurement documents in digital format between Public Administrations and their Suppliers.

The objective of the European e-Government Action Plan 2011-2015 is ambitious: “By 2015, 50% of EU citizens and 80% of enterprises should use eGovernment services“. e-TrustEx will help Public Administrations to achieve this goal.

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