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New secure document exchange platform for public authorities available - Pilot launched between European Commission and European Council

Published on: 19/07/2013

The Secretariat-General of the European Commission is sending inter-institutional proposals to all European institutions as well as to the Permanent Representations and National Parliaments of the Member States. Since April, documents can be sent through a new secure web-service connection directly from the back-office system of the Commission's Secretariat General through the e-TrustEx platform to the back-office of the Council. The time for exchanging these proposals in a cumbersome paper-way, by CD/DVD or e-mail is over.

The Secretariat General is using e-TrustEx, a platform which allows any public authority in Europe to exchange both natively digital and scanned documents through a secure standardised interface. The platform, which has been developed by the services of the Informatics DG of the European Commission, includes mechanisms to ensure integrity, authenticity, confidentiality and non-repudiation of information. Moreover, the system can handle a large volume of messages. e-TrustEx is funded by the ISA programme which supports interoperability, sharing and re-use among Public Administrations in Europe.
The Council is the first institution to use the new connection through e-TrustEx. In a next step, all other entities receiving inter-institutional proposals will be connected to the platform. They will be able to either use the system-to-system connection via web services like the Council, or use the web access of e-TrustEx in case they do not have their own back-office system. 
e-TrustEx is available to any interested public authority for the secure digital exchange of documents. It helps Public Administrations in the transition from expensive registered mail to the large scale digital exchange of information.

The solution, which is in use inside the Commission since 2010, can be downloaded from joinup for free. A new version will be available in autumn 2013. 

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