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Process Oriented Learning and Information Exchange (PROLIX)

Published on: 11/05/2010 Document Archived

The major goal of PROLIX is to align people and processes in complex & dynamic working situations by addressing the needs of employees and companies at the same time. PROLIX develops an open, integrated reference architecture for process-oriented learning and information exchange. PROLIX supports a complete learning process life cycle comprising:

  • The analysis of complex business situations;
  • The identification of individual and organizational learning goals; 
  • The analysis of competencies and their matching with individual skills; 
  • The definition of appropriate learning strategies and the simulation of learning processes; 
  • The execution of improved learning processes; 
  • The monitoring of learners' performance according to the goals defined.

The key innovation in PROLIX consists of a process and competency-driven framework for interlinking business process intelligence tools on the one hand with knowledge management and learning environments on the other. In order to demonstrate its concept, PROLIX set up five test beds in different fields of application. These were the "Social care test bed" with UK Social Care Institute for Excellence, the "Telecom test bed" with British Telecom (BT) global services, the “Banking test bed” with GENO Academy,  the "Educational Publishing test bed" with publishing house Klett, and the “Public administration test bed” with the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic.

To reach the objectives, PROLIX collaborated with 20 partners from 9 different countries chosen among 2 major European software vendors for Learning Management, a  large independent European business process management company and leading European research partners in learning technology, didactics and cognition as well as technology-enhanced learning software architecture.

Policy Context

PROLIX is a research project realised in the context of the 6th European Framework Program for Information Society Technologies.

Description of target users and groups

Human Resource Managers, Chief E-Learning Officers (CEO), Continuing Professional Development Department Managers.

Technology solution

Service oriented architecture; Web based applications and desktop applications.

Technology choice: Standards-based technology, Mainly (or only) open standards

Main results, benefits and impacts

A method has been developed and a set of software modules has been connected by service oriented architecture. PROLIX provides an integrated set of tools for learning and development, competency management, learning media development, learning and performance management. The project was completed successfully. The project partners now offer consulting services and software (originating from the project and beyond) to organisations interested in improving their training processes and integrating their learning technology solutions.

Track record of sharing

Project documents ("deliverables") are available for free from the project website after completing a simple registration procedure.

Lessons learnt

The PROLIX approach was evaluated in five test beds previously described; all test beds benefited from modeling their training and competency development processes. The response to the provided software technology was more significant for those organizations that made already a wise use of e-learning and process management tools.

Scope: International