websiteatschool 0.90.0 0.90.0

11 years ago

Website@School release 0.90.0 (2011-01-01)

This first release contains two variants of the developer archive (which contain the full source code): a18c971f95d8d14cbc3cabd7911b9c8e *websiteatschool-0.90.0.tar.gz 23f43e552be8dce01d03b990cc778279 * There are also two variants of the installation archive: f94a8928e1a42cc0f22390fc1ebee4a7 *websiteatschool-devel-0.90.0.tar.gz 7c6b6e54e415850b4e62916f8e1d11df * It is up to you to download either the .ZIP-file or the tarball.

See the file CHANGES.txt in the program directory.