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FR: Health Ministry provides comprehensive telemedicine dossier on its website

FR: Health Ministry provides…

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Published on: 03/05/2012 News Archived

Besides a very complete albeit accessible definition of telemedicine, this section gives a general outline of the national plan for the deployment of telemedicine. It also takes stock of the progress of ongoing activities.

These activities began in early 2011 and they led to the production of several reference documents, all of which are available for download; they are aimed at supporting the promoters of telemedicine projects. Among other documents, one may find in this section:

  • A methodological guide for the development of the regional telemedicine programme (PRT).
  • A methodological guide for the preparation of contracts and agreements in the field of telemedicine.
  • A document outlining recommendations relating to the urbanisation and infrastructure of telemedicine projects.
  • The conclusions of a survey on telemedicine activities conducted in late 2011 by the Directorate General of Care Provision (Direction Générale de l'Offre de Soins - DGOS, in French).

Finally, this section features information regarding national support to eight pilot projects in the field of telemedicine, in accordance with the announcement made on 29 March 2012 by the General Director for Care Provision, Mr François-Xavier Selleret.

The telemedicine section, as well as the aforementioned documents, can be found online at the following address:

Further information: