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Public Consultation: Conflict of Interest Regulations in EU Health Technology Assessment

Public Consultation: EU Conflict-of-Interest Rules

Published on: 05/07/2024 News

The European Commission initiated an online public consultation regarding the draft implementing act on conflict of interest management within Health Technology Assessments (HTA). Stakeholders and the public are invited to participate in shaping the rules governing conflicts of interest among key actors involved in HTA processes. This online consultation will be open for responses until 26 June 2024.

The draft implementing act provides rules for managing conflicts of interest of actors such as the representatives in the Member State Coordination Group and its subgroups, assessors, patients, and clinical and other experts who participate in the joint work under the Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Regulation. The assessment of conflicts of interest is focused on current and past interests in the health technology developer’s industrial sector.

The  HTA Regulation foresees the adoption of implementing acts, detailing the procedural rules for the different elements in the Regulation.This is the second of six acts in 2024 for which public consultations will be held. The first implementing act was adopted by the Commission on 23 May 2024.