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Belgian government publishes alpha version e-ID Drupal module

Belgian government publishes…

Published on: 19/03/2012 News Archived

Belgium's Federal ICT advisory body Fedict last week published Beididp, an early version of a module for the Drupal open source content management system, version 6.  This module integrates nicely with Fedict's Java-based eID Identity provider (IDP) and allows users to authenticate with their Belgian eID card, using Fedict's eID Identity provider (IDP).

The published module is intended purely for testing, stresses Bart Hanssens, interoperability expert at Fedict. The agency hopes that releasing early and often will get other developers interested, speeding up development. "We welcome feedback from testers."

Support is provided on a best effort basis, service level agreements are currently not available. The organisation recommends users to set up their own IDP server. "By default, a test service hosted by e-contract is used."

The Drupal website on which Beididp is installed "will act as the Relying Party, while the IDP will take care of the communication with the eID card itself, using a Java applet."

Beididp should work in open source browsers Firefox (version 3 or higher) and Chrome (version 10 and higher) as well as two proprietary web browsers. To use the module, the most recent Java runtime, 1.6, is needed.

The module is published using the GPLv2 free and open source software licence.

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