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Council adopts a set of recommendations for successful digital education and improved provision of digital skills and competences

Successful digital education and provision of digital skills

Published on: 15/01/2024 News

On 23 November 2023, and in view of the digital age upon us, the European Council adopted a set of recommendations to promote digital education. This also included recommendations for the improved provision of digital skills and competences amongst the EU citizens and its labor force

This initiative took place in order to help the EU education system keep up with the times and its results were two-fold:

  • Education systems need to focus education and training to the direction that digital transformation is moving towards. Students and trainees of all levels need to be provided access to education and training programs that comply to the requirements of our times, in terms of digital skills.
  • Education and training systems need to become fit for the digital age. Citizens need to learn and prepare on how to use technology creatively, safely and responsibly, basing themselves off of an improved understanding of the various impact these technologies can bring, and training programs need to take these into account.

Taking these results into account, a list of strategic recommendations was proposed to member states. These include actions, such as strengthening digital skills and competences in primary and secondary education, enhancing digital skills and competences for all students in higher education, providing learning opportunities across levels and disciplines and giving adults opportunities to acquire digital skills, while addressing the shortage of ICT professionals.

At the same time, member states have been called to integrate digital technologies into teaching, support the development of digital educational tools, take cybersecurity measures in education and training and many more measures, in order to enable digital education and training.

Are you interested to learn more about the subject? Read the whole article here.

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