Version v2020.1.2 15/04/2020 v2020.1.2

2 years ago

Version summary

This is an exceptional release of the Validator, which includes the latest version of the tests used for the calculation of indicators MDi1.1 and MDi1.2 for the INSPIRE Monitoring 2019 process. This release builds on the latest release (v.2020.1.1) and incorporates some additional feedback received by EU Member States. Some other fixes on WMS and WMTS tests have been also included in this release.


  • #250 Modified transparent parameter values for WMS GetMap request - #425
  • #225 Fixed issue with WMTS GetTile requests - #422
  • #258 Fix test C.18 from MD 2.0 for more than one "gmd:otherConstraints/gco:CharacterString" or "gmd:otherConstraints/gmx:Anchor" - #430
  • #270 Updated MD 1.3 schema validation - #434

Deployment instructions

docker run --name inspire-validator -d -p 8080:8080 -v ~/etf:/etf

For further configuration, please download the file and follow the instructions in the file inside the .zip file.

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