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EDEN - Employment Data Exchange Network (EDEN)

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Published on: 06/10/2005 Document Archived
In order to improve the current EURES system, FOREM (B) proposed the setting up of EDEN in partnership with ANPE (F) and the Directorate of Labour (N), with the support of ADEM (L) and IEFP (P). EDEN has been co-financed by European Commission through Directorate-General for Employment. The current EURES system just displays vacancies and only gives a partial view of the employment market, while EDEN seeks to provide a common platform for the display, dissemination, exchange and processing of European vacancies and CVs, using standard tools for automatic trans-coding from and to the internal formats of each PES using a common standard. The matching of CVs to vacancies gives a higher added value to individuals and employers. In addition, PES can improve the transparency of the employment market at European level, which can also improve both the flexibility and flow of the employment market. EDEN allows direct access to users, who are able to introduce data and consult the system in their own language. The EDEN system provides users with data registered in the system in another European language, translated into their own mother tongue. EDEN is based on XML, a relatively new, flexible standard for Electronic Data Interchange. This is the first time that such standardisation has been proposed for the European employment exchange format (vacancies and CVs). As a result, EDEN is a web-based European employment platform for European vacancies and CVs, based on a normalised structuring of the information and allowing the display, the exchange and the processing of the information with high granularity on a multilingual basis without any modifications of the PES? current systems/databases.

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