Start saving the climate by u…

Start saving the climate by using e-business !

Published on: 17/12/2015

In 2010 I wrote the post "start saving the climate by using e-Invoicing" but today more than ever we need to reduce our carbon footprint. 

Environmental Responsibility at the top of the agenda of many institutions and organizations in the coming 10 months. 

One way to present commitment to the preservation of the natural environment is by implementing electronic means of doing business.

In a thematic exploration study executed for the Dutch Ministry of VROM (Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and Environment) in September 2000 (published in January 2001), the authors of the document cited ‘the aim of dematerialization is the reduction of environmental impact of material flows’. 

Their mindshift below - still to be accomplished

Develop economic systems in such a way that the environmental impact of the material flow caused by those systems is significantly, and in absolute terms, reduced.

Where are we  ALMOST twenty years later ?

  • Time for Europe to urge businesses and governments to reduce their CO2 emission drastically.

  • Time for Europe to stop the everlasting discussion about standards and gently persuade everyone to GO GREEN in communication of product information, orders, shipment notes, invoices, payment notifications. 

  • Time for Europe to stimulate electronic ways of doing business and exchanging documents.

ADOPTION is NICE but USE really makes a difference (Diffusion and Infusion: Two Dimensions of “Success of Adoption”

  • Time for Europe to open up PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement Online) for businesses because it will enable companies to interact whereever they are, with whome they want and without barriers 

As in " take the most sustainable road to e-invoicing

  • Time for Europe to stimulate the use of other electronic means to read, view and distribute electronic documents.

DIGITAL means ELECTRONIC MESSAGE, not a PDF printed by the receiver for AUTHORIZATION and ARCHIVING.

Belgium is kicking off  the game by granting SME's a Tax reduction for digital investments.


If you have an opinion about the implementation of e-invoicing then do not hesitate to react. If you agree with the fundamentals then share it with others.

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