Online Collection Software Workshop

Event date:
Published on: 06/11/2012

The target audience of this workshop are technical users of Online Collection System. The topics covered during the workshop are:

- How to deploy OCS

- What are the standards follewed during OCS development

- How to collaborate in the project

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This workshop is free of charge, but in order to follow the training given each participant needs to bring to the workshop their own laptop computer with internal or external DVD reader. Please note that you will need to have Local Admin rights on your laptop computer in order to completely follow the workshop.

Expected Participants:

OCS Open Source Community

Technical people in European Citizens' Initiatives

National Certification authorities

Hosting providers


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Morning session

9h15 Welcome & Introduction
9h30 Introduction to European Citizens' Initiative
10h00 OCS architecture
10h30 ISO 27000 security standards

11h00 – 11h30 Coffee break

11h30 Open source tools for Vulnerability and Penetration tests
12h00 How to collaborate in an OCS project

12h30 – 14h00 Lunch break

Afternoon – Hands-on workshop

14h00 Lab 1: MySQL installation and set-up
14h45 Lab 2: GlassFish installation and set-up
15h30 Lab 3: OCS deployment and set-up
16h15 Lab 4: Deployment of OCS Virtual Image
17h00 End of the workshop

Physical location
Madou Training Centre
Place Madou, 1
1210 – Brussels