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EIF Perspective attributes of ECI Online Collection Software (OCS)

General information

Name of the solution: ECI Online Collection Software (OCS)

Solution's owner: European Commission


In the context of European Citizens' Initiatives (ECI), the Online Collection software (OCS) is a tool for online data collection. OCS enables citizens to support a given initiative and organizers to manage its operations. The tool also streamlines both data collection and its verification by the National Authorities.

OCS respects the Regulation (EU) No 211/2011 and Regulation (EU) No 1179/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council. Within ISA action 1.12, the European Commission contributes to its development with the aim to provide a generic tool available to all initiative organizers. OCS is made available under a EUPL license.

Type of solution: Generic tools, Common services
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The ECI Online Collection Software (OCS) implements the following:


Interoperability layers

Conceptual model

ECI Online Collection Software (OCS) implements the following EIF recommendations as explained below:

  • Recommendation 4 | Openness

    The Online Collection Software is an open source tool, which can be used and modified in the way necessary by the public administrations. Hence, by using it, public officials are endorsing the use of open source in public administrations. 

  • Recommendation 7 | Reusability

    Online Collection Service, if used by public administrations, enables the export of collected data in a standard xml format, which then can be easily shared and maintained. 

  • Recommendation 34 | Model

    The fact that Online Collection Service stores and allows for export of data in a standardised xml format, benefits public administrations by providing them reusable data components.