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EUSurvey - Release Latest release

1 year ago
  • EU CAPTCHA: The new EU CAPTCHA has been integrated to EUSurvey. It includes not only a visual CAPCTHA but also an audio CAPTCHA for visually impaired or blind users. This new CAPTCHA improve the Web Accessibility and inclusivity of the EUSurvey application.
  • Custom feedback page: The latest page that is displayed at the end of a form when questions have been answered can now be customized. You can add text and metadata from this list: {InvitationNumber}, {ContributionID}, {UserName}, {CreationDate}, {LastUpdate} and {Languages}.
  • Custom title for the motivation popup: You can now change the title of he new motivation popup that has been recently implemented in addition to the text body. ‘Motivation pop-up’ remains the default value.
  • Line elements are now excluded from the numbering option when it is selected. This avoid confusion among the survey participants.
  • Remove 'Reset filter' option for survey results without filter.
  • Complex Table: Results page now displays 'Pie Charts' by default for Standard surveys.
  • Contact Form - Improve feedback after sending a survey-related request.
  • Numbering no longer added to Line element.…