BITKOM guides on wording procurement documents in a non-proprietary manner for desktop PCs, notebooks, servers, monitors and printers

Published on: 16/01/2018




Federal Association of Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media - BITKOM

Short Description

These guides were created as a result of a working group led by the German Ministry of the Interior’s Procurement Office and the Bundesverband Informationswirtschaft, Telekommunikation und neue Medien e.V (Federal Association of Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media - BITKOM).

The aim of BITKOM is to give authorities support for wording in official tenders for the procurement of information and communication technologies in a non-proprietary manner, i.e. in a way that avoids the use of proprietary brand names or referring to specific manufacturers, while taking state-of-art technical requirements into consideration. Indeed, both European and German law forbids the use of brand names in the scope of public tenders. This is precisely the point on which the guides focus by offering compact tools to ensure compliance with legal requirements and thus ensure fair competition, and to identify and describe state-of-art technical standards. To fulfill legal requirements, this approach leverages general accepted benchmarks as a major element of a non-proprietary product description. Technical requirements and standards are described in a compact and tabular format.

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