WEBINAR - Sharing procurement practices in joint development of open source software

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Published on: 04/11/2015

11th December 2015 (11:00 - 11:30 UTC+1)


Jani Kylmäaho


Through this brief webinar Jani Kylmäaho will share with the audience how National Land Survey of Finland adheres to a series of important principles in most of the ICT development projects. For instance, among the principles there are the use of Open Source software, the preference for personal competences to company references, the provision of draft agreement as an attachment to the tender and not outsource their key competences.

The best example is the development of the Oskari.org open source software, which apply these principles. Further, a collaboration network around the Oskari.org software has been established. Now any member organization using Oskari can use the templates provided by NLS FI for tendering for additional features into Oskari - all to be developed as Open Source and under the same terms & conditions as the original software. 


If you are a public procurer, a representative of the ICT industry, or if you are simply interested in the topic of how open standards and open source can be promoted through public procurement, join the conversation with Jani Kylmäaho, in order to discover one way to promote open standards and open source to avoid lock-in situations.


Jani Kylmäaho currently holds the position of Senior Expert at the National Land Survey of Finland, SDI Services. Jani works as the product owner for the Oskari open source software. He has been working with OGC services and both national and international SDIs for 15 years. He has extensive experience of open source software, agile methods, collaboration networks and procurement handling as well as INSPIRE implementation. Jani is also a secretary to Oskari national development network with currently 29 memberships from both public sector organizations and private companies.


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- Sharing procurement practices in joint development of open source software:



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