Open e-PRIOR pre-award versio…

Open e-PRIOR pre-award version released

Published on: 09/10/2013

A first version 1.4.0 of Open e-PRIOR supporting the pre-award phase is now available for download.

After implementing the post-award processes (i.e. e-Invoicing, e-Ordering…), e-PRIOR moves forward to the pre-award cycle to provide an end-to-end e-procurement solution.

This release implements the e-Submission process for open procedures. It provides a tendering system which allows economic operators to prepare and submit tenders for a published call for tender and contracting authorities to receive and open the tenders during the opening session.

pre-award e-Submission


It can be integrated with the e-Access solution that the contracting authority uses to publish the call for tender.


More details can be found in the Release notes and the e-Library section


About Open e-PRIOR

Open e-PRIOR is part of the open-source tools funded by the ISA programme. It is made available to public administrations with the goal to accelerate adoption of electronic procurement across the Member States. 

Any interested party can contribute to this open-source project by building other components and customising the platform for any specific needs.

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