e-invoicing library "Mustangproject" publishes new version

Published on: 04/09/2018
Last update: 13/06/2019

Last week, Mustangproject published version 1.5.4 of it's open source java e-invoicing library for ZUGFeRD.

Since version 1.5, Mustangproject can read and write electronic invoices embedding a UN/CEFACT XML in ZUGFeRD's "public preview" version 2.

The ZUGFeRD 2.0 (so far only published in a "public preview" version) is compliant to CEN's EN16931, which had been created in the context of guideline 2014/55/EU.

In this particular version 1.5.4, a tiny addition in the handling of unicode characters has been added as a preparation for a upcoming version of ZUV, a open source ZUGFeRD validator.

ZUGFeRD embedds a XML file in a PDF invoice. Mustangproject can also be used as standalone tool to e.g. extract or merge XML and PDF.