Romania augments eProcurement…

Romania augments eProcurement portal

Published on: 15/06/2016

Romania’s electronic procurement portal ‘e-licitatie’ now provides more information on the public procurement process, the portal announced on 8 June. Users can now find preliminary information on planned calls for tender, and can learn how to bid for national and European contracts.

The e-licitatie procurement portal will also allow procuring authorities publish their annual plans, along with reports on current and past procedures.

The Sistemul Electronic de Achiziţii Publice (Electronic Procurement System) was launched in 2014. Romania’s Agency for the Digital Agenda started developing the country’s eProcurement services in 2013, co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund. The project aimed to bring the Romanian procurement services in line with those in other Member States.

Earlier this year, the agency announced further improvements, to make the services easier to understand and use. The changes unveiled this month, are part of that overhaul. Pending features include supporting eSignatures, and improvements to the portal’s document management system.


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