Open Source Beyond 2020

Key FOSS stakeholders gather to shape Open Source Beyond 2020

On 14-15 November 2019, the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Informatics, DIGIT and DirectorateGeneral for Communications Networks, Content and Technology, CONNECT are holding a joint workshop to discuss the future of Open Source Software and Open Source Hardware Beyond 2020, at Avenue de Beaulieu 25, Brussels.  

It is widely recognised that open source plays an important role in Europe’s economy; what is perhaps not so well known, is how it underpins the digital transformation Europe is undergoing. Further, open source hardware (OSH) is increasingly set to join open source software (OSS) in contributing to both these aspects. This workshop brings together key stakeholders from OSS/OSH to discuss current challenges, opportunities, research and innovation, economic and policy-making issues, and help set the direction for Open Source Beyond 2020 in Europe.

In a series of panel discussions, the workshop will allow panellists and attendees to discuss issues and actions that could help to maximise the positive impact of Open Source in the EU. These actions will help shape current and future local, national and European level policy and implementation initiatives. Of particular interest is open source hardware; is it likely to follow a similar growth trajectory as open source software? How can it work together with open source software to ignite further innovation?

The first day of the workshop will give participants the opportunity to discuss open source as an enabler of European innovation, and the role of open source hardware in the context of the Internet of Things. Panel discussions will also target the role of open source in the manufacturing and ICT industries, lowering barriers to the provision of open source services to the public sector by SMEs, and how best to nurture open source communities.

The Joint Research Centre will also present at the workshop the results of the study of on the relationship between Open Source Software and Standard Setting.

The second day will focus on digital skills for open source, open source standards, open science, and supporting open source in public services. The workshop will conclude with a lively panel discussion on improving openness, trust and security thanks to open source.

Many of the panel discussions will be supported by inputs from the Commission’s EU-FOSSA 2 project. The EU-FOSSA 2 project – short for Free and Open Source Software Auditing – has been engaging with developer communities and organising hackathons and bug bounties in an effort to increase the security and integrity of critical open source software.

To follow live the topics and conversations during the workshop, make sure to check and follow #OSSbeyond2020 on Twitter.

Open Source Beyond 2020

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