Upcoming Hackathon

EU-FOSSA 2 Cyber Security Hackathon 5th and 6th of October

Published on: 18/09/2019

The third EU-FOSSA 2 Cyber Security Hackathon is scheduled over the weekend of 5/6 October 2019 at Silversquare Triomphe in Brussels. The timing is fortuitous, as October is the European Cyber Security Month and this hackathon is a great example of the focus on cyber security by the European institutions.

The EU-FOSSA 2 project planned three hackathons in 2019. The first, held in April 2019 focused on the PHP Symfony open source community; the second in May, worked with six different ASF (Apache Software Foundation) projects; and the third in October will focus on select open source projects currently in development at the European Commission and some European institutions.

This third EU-FOSSA 2 Cyber Security Hackathon will gather close to 100 developers, from 18 different countries who will work with colleagues from the European Commission and institutions on the following eight projects:

  1.  API Gateway (WSO2)
  2. DSS 
  3. Enterprise Search 
  4. eUI 
  5. Flux TL 
  6. midPoint
  7. PHP
  8. Workflow Integration (Camunda)

This is an EU first, and an ideal showcase of how the European Commission and institutions contribute not only to open source, but also to Cyber Security. Additionally, the event will be an excellent opportunity to increase interaction between open source communities and development staff from the European institutions. Together they will solve security problems, fix bugs, review architectural issues, discuss new features or carry out other useful project activities.

The project is in the process of inviting some VIP guests, communication will be released after their confirmations. It is likely that the opening and closing sessions will be broadcasted, so stay tuned to the DIGIT and ESCM social media channels. 

Eu-Fossa 3rd Hackathon