EU-FOSSA KeePass code review:…

EU-FOSSA KeePass code review: Call for contribution!

Published on: 19/08/2016

As already announced the KeePass tool has been selected to be code reviewed by the FOSSA pilot project for potential security problems.

Now that the code review is about to start, we would like to invite the wide KeePass community to participate to this critical step of the project. The project team will work on the review together with the interested parties.
If you want to make your contribution to the code review, please provide us with your contact details to the address:
You can also follow the code review evolution by consulting the updates posted on the EU FOSSA Community, under the Code review log page.


The EU-FOSSA pilot is to result in a systematic approach for the EU institutions to make sure that widely-used key open source components can be trusted. The project should also allow the EU institutions to contribute to the integrity and security of key open source software.


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