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ISTAT updates its methods and IT tools for statistical production

Five more statistical tools under EUPL

Published on: 29/11/2022 Last update: 31/03/2023 News

The November 2022 catalogue of ISTAT (Instituto Nazionale di Statistica – Italy) documents five statistical tools:

  • FS4 is an open source generalized software for first stage stratification and selection in sampling related to two or more stages, implemented completely in R language and with a GUI (Graphical User Interface).
  • MAUSS-R is an open source generalized software for the determination of the sample allocation, developed using the R language and provided with a Java interface to facilitate the selection of data and parameters of interest.
  • Multiway Sample Allocation allows to allocate the sample of multi-way stratified sampling design. The multi-way stratification is achieved by combining the variables defining the marginal cells of a multi-way contingency table.
  • R2BEAT manages multivariate optimal allocation for different domains in one and two stages stratified sample design. The program extends the Neyman (1934) – Tschuprow (1923) allocation method to the case of several variables, adopting a generalization of the Bethel’s proposal (1989). R2BEAT develops this methodology but, moreover, it allows to determine the sample allocation in the multivariate and multi-domains case of estimates for two-stage stratified samples. It also allows to perform Primary Stage Units selection.
  • SamplingStrata, another R package, is based on the use of a genetic algorithm, allows to determine the best stratification for a population frame, i.e., the one that ensures the minimum sample cost necessary to satisfy precision constraints, in a multivariate and multi-domain case.

All these ISTAT tools are licensed under the EUPL, except SamplingStrata (licensed under the GPL-2.0 or GPL-3.0).

More information in the November ISTAT catalogue .

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