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Spanish Administration makes ARCHIVE open source

Spanish Administration makes…

Published on: 25/03/2016 News Archived

The Spanish Royal Decree 4/2010 provides that the Spanish administration will speed-up technology reuse by making applications available under open source conditions. In such case the relevant software will be distributed under the EUPL (European Union Public Licence). The PAe (Portal Administración electronica) continues this open policy by releasing a reusable version of its ARCHIVE solution.

ARCHIVE facilitates the management and retrieval of documents inside and from a multi-departmental and multiple files organisation. The tool is managed by a “super administrator” who may fix rules for making available relevant files and documents in the ARCHIVE store.

The source code of the first distributed version of ARCHIVE is available under EUPL as from March 21, 2016.

This distribution is based on the version of ARCHIVE that is currently available from the “cloud service” provided by the Direction of the Technology of Information and Communication (DTIC). This service will evolve over time and new versions of the distributed package will be released periodically.

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