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EU/ INT: Draft CEN Workshop Agreement - Global eBusiness Interoperability Test Bed methodologies

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Published on: 01/09/2011 Last update: 05/12/2011 Document Archived

Description (short summary):
The main objective of the Global eBusiness Interoperability Test Bed (GITB) project is to develop, under EU support and guidance, a set of comprehensive and global eBusiness interoperability test bed systems in a global collaboration of European, North American and Asian partners. This objective is planned to be achieved in three phases, the current project covering phase two.

  • Phase 1 - Feasibility study CWA 16093:2010, which contains a feasibility study for a Global eBusiness Interoperability Test Bed (GITB).
  • Phase 2 - Development, a phase that will focus on the development of alternative approaches to architecting and implementing a GITB. A recommended architecture and process to develop the test bed that follows the requirements analysis with clear rationale. Assessment requirements from international stakeholders are also included.
  • Phase 3 - Implementation, a phase that will implement the test bed as shared testing facility; Provisioning of testing services to industry users, software vendors and SDOs.

This document presents the draft CWA of the second phase of the Global Interoperability Test Bed Methodologies - GITB) project as of August 2011, which runs within the CEN Workshop GITB.

The production of the draft CWA on the proposed architecture and process to develop eBusiness test bed at global level was agreed at the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) GITB Workshop meeting on 18 January 2011. The first phase of the GITB project ran within the CEN eBusiness Interoperability Forum (eBIF). Its results are contained in CWA 16093:2010.

The draft CWA was available for public comment in September-October 2011.

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